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🏆 Russia 2018 World Cup
The wait is over. The Russia 2018 World Cup is here! There are 64 matches in total and you can see them all here live and free! From the opening match, all the Group Stage matches, the Knockout Stage and, of course, the Final. Don’t miss a single minute. Click Here to Watch.
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Do you want a combat sport where anything goes? Then UFC is for you. UFC is the Ultimate Fighting Championship. And you can see all UFC live streams here. Watch all the punches, kicks and holds. Watch every points decision, submission and KO.
Throughout history men have fought each other in war and for sport. Around the world different fighting styles developed.
For many years boxing was the top combat sport. But recently there has been confusion with many different boxing organizations.UFC has one main organisation and fighters are well matched. Violent, intense and exciting. Fighters need skill, strength and stamina.
Mixed Martial Arts as combat sports contests began over 100 years ago but in the last 30 years its popularity has grown worldwide. The first UFC event was held in 1993 with fighters using distinctive disciplines. The main idea was to find the supreme fighting art or a supreme champion. Over time fighters have adopted skills from various disciplines to create a true mix of martial arts on display today. UFC is popular for its speed and excitement. Fighters such as Anderson Silva, Georges St Pierre and Jon Jones have become superstars. Whoever your favorite fighter is vip box has all UFC live streams. Since 2012 women have competed. Ronda Rousey became the first female UFC champion and attracted a lot of interest. This is a golden age for UFC and things are only getting better.
UFC combines various skills such as: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Developed from Judo with an emphasis on grappling and ground fighting. Wrestling. Perhaps the oldest form of combat. From Egypt to Ancient Greece, Europe to Asia, there are depictions of wrestling everywhere often with similar rules. Today those rules have been codified into disciplines including: Greco-Roman; Freestyle and Pankration, all Olympic events. Judo. Originating in Japan, this art of the “gentle way” focuses on balance with maximum efficiency and minimum effort to subdue an opponent. Karate. Again originating in Japan, karate uses strikes such as punches, kicks, knee or elbows strikes to disable opponents. Boxing. One of the oldest combat sports. Kickboxing. As the name suggests it combines kicking and boxing. There are various styles from around the world including Muay Thai (Thailand), Yaw-Yan (Philippines), Musti Yuddha and Adithada (India), Savate (France) among others. Kung fu. From China this westernized term refers to Wushu a vast range of arts with differing techniques. Taekwondo. From Korea is an art mixing features of karate, wushu and traditional Korean combat.
UFC events take place in a cage with matches varying in length depending on regular or title fights. The cage has eight sides and is called the “Octogon”. Competitors fight in shorts, no shoes and open-fingered gloves. Women fighters can wear tops. There are eight main weight divisions: Flyweight (125lb), Bantamweight (135lb), Featherweight (145lb), Lightweight (155lb), Welterweight (170lb), Middleweight (185lb), Light Middleweight (205lb) and Heavyweight (265lb).
There are several different formats:
UFC PPV Numbered events. These events are held all over the world, though most take place in the USA. Traditionally, every event starts off with a preliminary card followed by a main card, with the last fight being known as the main event.
Other events are featured on UFC on Fox and Fight Night. The Ultimate Fighter showcases upcoming fighters.
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